Brand refresh for Kids’ CBC a preschool commercial-free programming block aired weekday mornings o CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). The briefing was to create a mixed media children’s arts and crafts magical world. We've created the script from scratch with the freedom and the client encouragement to go crazy. The deliverable was a 60 seconds animation, with 3 action windows for an editor to apply some children photographs. For that we've created lots of hand made props used as assets composed on this 2.5D world that mixes 2D, 3D and stop motion.
Client - Kids' CBC
Kids' CBC Executive Producer - Carla de Jong
Kids' CBC Line Producer - Nadine Henry
Kids' CBC Producer/Director - Gillian Pike
Kids' CBC Studio Director - Paul Gardner

Director - Tendril
Executive Creative Director - Daniel Luna
Creative Director - Chico Jofilsan
Executive Producer - Kate Bate
Producer - Anne Deslauriers
Designer - Chico Jofilsan
Set Elements Design - Fabiana Fukui
3D Animation - Felipe Seixas
2D Animation / Compositing - Cadu Macedo, Chico Jofilsan
Stop Motion - Chico Jofilsan
Storyboard - Marco Donida
Music - Silent Joe
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