The Argentinean broadcast network INFINITO asked for 4 new generic IDs, produced on a partnership between Lobo and Pitú (Chico Jofilsan + Daniel Pommella), keeping the 2009 looping idea. In order to achieve this request we have created scripts based on the simple idea of a “fake close-up” that takes us back to the beginning of an action on a slightly different environment. I have participated as a creative director on the 2009 network branding redesign while working at Lobo and I was glad to be involved on this second round. We have also developed 5 Logo animations with a specific branding need of having the “N” symbol or the “INF” circle symbol through the whole 10 seconds animation. 
Executive Production: Alberto Lopes & Sérgio Salles 
Creative Direction:
Rodrigo Ribeiro & Mateus de Paula Santos (Lobo), Chico Jofilsan & Daniel Pommella (Pitú) 
Production: Lobo & Pitú 
Head of Production: Loic François Marie Dubois 
Producer: Patrizia Fanganiello 

Direction: Chico Jofilsan & Daniel Pommella 
Cinematography: Pierre de Kerchov 
Art Direction / Set Design: Adriana Faria
Costume Design: Bianca Scorza 
Head of Production: Guilherme Valiengo 
Art Direction / Design: Chico Jofilsan & Daniel Pommella 
2D Animation and Composition: Pitú
Tracking: Ptú 
3D: Nitro 

Client: Infinito (Argentina) Turner Broadcasting System Latin America Producer 
Client Art Director: Paulo Santonocito 
Client Coordination: Andres Dacharry 
Client Channel's Manager: Felipe De Stefani 
Client Post Production: Lucas Maccione
Logo animations I did for the same channel back in 2009.
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