Series of 9 idents for the brand new children’s broadcast channel Gloobinho. I have pitched on the creation of an original On Air package and my proposal, all based on wooden block toys, was the lucky one. Globosat took my concepts, adapted it to their production line, added 2 new textures (wool and play-dough) and worked internally on the new On Air Package. Later on I was invited to create a series of 9 idents. To produce it I teamed up with Zoom and the results are pure cuteness and fun. Scroll down to check some of the original layouts presented on the pitch.

Direction, Design And Original Concept: Chico Jofilsan
Production Company: Zoom Motion Design
3D Animation: Acacio Gonzales Junior Pais, Rodrigo Lescano, Wagner Leite Fortes & Wilson Leguizamon Baruki
Music and Sound Design: Eduardo Politzer (Til Studio)

Client: Globosat
Marketing Direction: Manuel Falcão
Communication & Branding Management: Ricardo Moyano
Creative Management: Leon Vilhena
Creative Coordination: Fabio Mayumi
Communication & Branding Production: Tatiana Fernandes
Copywriting: Alice Bandeira, Dan Hassan & Jéssica Souza
Design and Animation: Fernando Machado & Thiago Barros
Off Air Crew Creative Coordination: Marcio Leite
Off Air Crew Designers: Mariana Sarmento & Taste
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